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Thank you for Taking Action!
ACTION Requested Step 1:

We have two important bills that are sitting in two different Connecticut Legislative Committees that need to move out of committee to have public hearings and voting prior to the end of this Legislative session that ends first week of June 2023.  Please send these or similar letters by end of week April 15, 2023. 

The first bill is concerned about Smart Meters/AMI meters and local control for 5G/ any G antennas and the 2nd bill listed below is concerned about Clean air - stopping the deliberate polluting of our air (cloud seeding, geo engineering and microwave radiation). 

Step 1:  Starts with first affidavit found below and follow on affidavits are located on the Letters tab above menu: Keep track of date sent and USPS tracking delivery dates to recipients.  

HB5107 An Act Concerning Small Cell Siting and Smart Meter OPT-IN.

This bill  would give us the ability to decide on smart meters and local deployment of antennas (5G or any G).

Please download these documents and edit with your information and then follow the directions on the Read Me file mailing them to the designated people.  These Affidavits will require a Notary Public. Feel free to 

add your own testimony of truth and or additional research you have found. 

Read Me First



Norm Needleman


Jonathan Steinberg


Peer Reviewed


Smart Meter


Another important bill sitting in the Environment Committee is


Please consider mailing (hardcopy) following the instructions in the documents below.  Please add your information and if you want to include additional information or exhibits, feel free.  We deserve clean air and we know our air has been polluted with both chemicals and high levels of microwave pollution.

Read Me First 


Ms. Christine Palm


Mr. Rick Lopes


Ms. Jan Hochadel


Mr. Joe Gresko       



Exhibit A:  Federal Laws 



Exhibit B:  Supplement

 Clean Air Act


Exhibit C: Toxicology of Seeding




Exhibit D: Atmosphere Protection

Act of Rhode Island 



Please also remember to copy  the signed and notarized letters with exhibits and send to the CC list found with addresses on the letters. 

Please complete this form with the certified or registered mail numbers 

Avery 5160 

Mailing Labels

for HB5107

Avery 5160 

Mailing Labels

for SB302

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