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Connecticut for Responsible Technology founders decided that in 2019 at the end of grueling Legislative session where rights were being removed on personal choices the Legislators passed a 5G Acceleration Bill giving telecommunications companies such as AT&T (who looks like their corporate lawyers authored the bill) carte blanche of our state public lands and public right of ways for their deployment of sWTF (small wireless telecommunications facilities) that are not so small and are very dangerous. 

We built Connecticut for Responsible Technology as a grassroots not for profit using social media to increase awareness of the hazard emission of wireless pulsed microwave radiation referred to as EMF/RF.  We do not see it, smell it or in some as feel it but we all are being adversely affected. 

No place to hide is becoming a real thing and we need informed consent which the State of Connecticut has denied each and everyone with their back door deals for expansion of lethal technology.  

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Seeking Top Talent To Educate and Advocate 

Graphic Designer Desk

Town Tribe Leader

Build a team and build a community

Attend CT4RT Education and Planning meetings on best practices to stop 5G/6G and other wireless deployment based on real need vs hype

Bring together town government and towns people to create change that will protect life and property

Town People

Support Town Tribe

Attend Town Meetings to advocate for change at Schools and Zoning

Assist Town Tribe and People to change zoning and reject what is hazardous to life an property

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