We’re on a mission to increase community awareness of the negative health effects of having macro cell towers in close proximity to our homes, schools, health centers and workplaces.

Safety & Assurances

There are absolutely NONE to give us a semblance of safety.  What we do have is tens of thousands peer reviewed both government and independent studies indicating HARMFUL effects to living organisms.

Now or Never

Time is of the essence to take control of our homes, streets and communities from telecommunication companies who dream of installing hundreds of thousands of these “small cell wireless telecommunications facilities” throughout the country and Connecticut.  It is estimated by Senator Blumenthal that Connecticut would need 20,000-30,000 of these structures deployed. 

Do your part

Actions must be taken at the local level of your town and city. Contact your Town elected officials – they are elected not selected so remember they are supposed to work for you not the other way. Find out if there is a telecommunications or wireless ordinance in your town planning and zoning records

Why do towns think it is okay to allow a canister with 3 or 4 dangerous antennas on a utility pole 50 feet from your home?

Take Action

Help stop 5G in Connecticut

Get Informed

Most information regarding the negative effects of 5g are censored so we suggest using a secure search engine (not google).

Reach Out

Contact your Town elected officials – they are elected not selected so remember they are supposed to work for you not the other way.

Get Familiar

Find out if there is a telecommunications or wireless ordinance in your town planning and zoning records.

Educate + Share

Share your knowledge and educate your friends, families and neighbors on the dangers of 5g near your home.

Demand Change

Start talking – start sharing – and start demanding a moratorium.

Measure Up

Start monitoring the exposure near your home, office, and kid's school zones. Purchase readers online.

Towns Who are Actively Involved in our Community

Have a question?

We know this is a lot to take in so if you have a question please let us know. Interested in getting your town on our list? Send us a note and introduce yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

5G is installed in different forms. The so-called “small cells” are white or brown canisters installed on top of street lights, utility poles, or slim line poles. 5G cell towers are the tall towers we’re used to seeing but which contain a number of canisters facing different directions.

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It’s harming your health as detailed in Q&A #1, especially if you’re in a vulnerable group such as children, the elderly, and those with metal implants or pacemakers. You will not be able to control the antenna beaming into your home whereas now you can at least turn off your modems and routers for a peaceful night’s sleep. If a small cell or tower is adjacent to your home, it’s lowering your property by as much as 20%.   

No.  Fiber-optics to the premises (FTTP) is superior in every way to wireless internet transmissions. It’s faster, more reliable, less susceptible to hacking, is more energy-efficient, has clearer transmissions over greater distances, and is safe. Remember, 5G is a marketing term industry has picked to mean many things such as linking up the Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies – yes machine to machine communications and also contact tracing of humans using various means being developed. So, as you introduce more “smart” devices in your home such as refrigerators, garbage cans and even diaper censors all that data is collected via the small cell antennas and relayed to various data hubs. This is not about your phone unless it is a 5G enabled new technology phone. No current technology is displaced or dismantled so we instead have more Wi-Fi radiation polluting our airways.

Thousands of independent, peer-reviewed studies have established many adverse bioeffects from RF microwave radiation exposure. Immediate symptoms include headaches, tinnitus, sleeping problems, concentration and memory problems, depression, and more. Studies also show “clear evidence” of cancer, neurological and cognitive harm, DNA damage, heart abnormalities, reproductive effects, and more.

The best way is to live at least a mile and a half from a small cell or tower. If moving is not an option, there are ways to mitigate effects from electromagnetic microwave radiation exposure with shielding combined with grounding. Examples of shielding include clothing, WIFI router covers, and bedding.  Shielding will only reduce, not eliminate exposure. If you have the option, you can choose to use fiber optic cable instead of wireless and use a wired landline phone when at home. If you must use a cell phone avoid buying a 5G phone. Convert your Wi-Fi systems to be hardwired via ethernet or cat6 cables in your home and office. Devices such as iPhones, iPads, and laptops as well as desktops all have features and adapters to enable you to direct connect and turn off Wi-Fi. Your brain and blood will love the reduced Wi-Fi exposure.

Not sure, but worth asking them. The evidence is clear, and the science has been well established with tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies indicating harm. Ask them what they are doing to protect your safety.

You can hire a building biologist who specializes in measuring electromagnetic radiation since they have tools and devices to measure the various EMF/RF/EF ranging from your smart meter the utility company forced on your premises to your router and modems and devices in and around your home as well as what is coming in from the surrounding area of your home.  The current problem is that we do not have affordable devices to measure the 5G range of frequency.  Individuals can also purchase devices to measure hotspots around the home, office and even car to become well aware of the exposure levels to establish mitigation steps.  Online stores such as LessEmf.com have solid products to select based on budget and needs.  Knowing where your hot spots are in your home and especially in relationship to where you and your children sleep could be life saving.