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Join us to Protect the Health of Connecticut Families

Let's Work Together
to Protect our Communities

Most Telecoms want 5G Networks. Each network needs its own set of antennas. Antennas in each set are intended to be placed about every several hundred feet.

DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND The farther from the source, the less intense the radiation.  

Fiber Optic To The Premises (FTTP)
is safer, faster, more secure.
You have already paid for it in your phone bills since the 1990s.


Internet is available through WIRED connections.


WIRED CONNECTIONS are faster, safer and more secure.

WIRED CONNECTIONS can be used for phones, computers and many other devices.

Keep distance between your body and a Wireless device, (read the "FINE PRINT").

Visit Laptops and tablets should be used on a table, never your lap.

Symptoms of Wireless (Microwave Radiation) Exposure

Headaches, Dizziness, Neurological
Eye Problems
Heart Problems
Fertility Problems
Blood Pressure
Endocrine - Diabetes

Those injured into chronic illness may have Electromagnetic Sensitivity 

Industry-friendy FCC Rulings allow and Connecticut HB7152 further encourage the use of close-proximity microwave radiation antennas. These cells are intended to operate 4G and 5G and soon 6G telecommunications right next to homes, 24/7 and are additive to current technology.

The Problem

Opposition is based on:

Multiple companies want redundant networks which will lead to a high-density, ground level network of many antennas, very close to homes and each other. Up to 60,000 satellites with additional antennas will add to the mandatory 24/7 irradiation.

This exposure is harmful to children, adults and pets. It is worse for people with illnesses and impairments, and there are no medical exemptions for the vulnerable.

Telecom carriers do not have liability coverage.

 Decimation of wildlife, bees, birds, butterflies will be among the most affected.

Decreased property values.

US exposure guidelines are the highest in the world far exceeding all others.

See graph below


What do Doctor's and Expert's Say:

252 experts from 43 countries have asked the UN to protect the health of humans and the environment from EMR. (

125 public health scientists from Harvard and Boston Universities signed a petition in 1997 to stop microwave radiation infrastructures.

258 physicians, scientists, and educators have signed the Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation urging the protection of pregnant women and their unborn babies from harm. The Baby Safe Project:

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space ( has now been translated into 30 languages and has been signed by more than 172,000 individuals and more than 1,800 organizations from 207 countries and territories.

Signers include over:

4,500 scientists 

2,500 medical doctors 

8,000 engineers

9,600 psychologists,

psychotherapists, and social workers

4,000 nurses

5G graphic.jpg


Reduce your wireless exposures by hardwiring  your devices.

Learn about other ways to reduce exposure.  


Hardwire your home and office, keep cell phone on airplane mode with wifi off when not in use.  


Learn more at our Facebook group:

CT Residents for Responsible Technology

or Twitter at Stop5GCT


Email us at 

Attend your local municipal meetings.


Tell your local leaders to protect your community by updating your local ordinances.


Antennas should not be operated where people live, work or play.


Call your State Legislators today and tell them to Stop 5G/6G acceleration. The law passed  on June 2019, HB7152 became Public Act 19-163 giving telecommunications access to public right of ways,  municipal public utility  poles and light fixtures for small cell antennas and additional power sources.  

Demand the Public Health Department examine the current peer reviewed studies and communicate to public dangers of WiFi microwave radiation.  


Demand schools and daycare centers develop hard wire plans and remove all WiFI to reduce and eliminate exposure to our children.  

Call your Senator and Congressperson and tell them to work to protect you and your community by demanding revision of the FCC Guidelines and legislation to protect health and the environment from electromagnetic and microwave radiation, and especially small cell antennas.


The current US FCC Guidelines are the highest in the world.   

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

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